Is this summer over yet?? Actually, in about two months, it will be, and most people I know are eager for it to end since maybe this fall we'll get a reprieve from the COVID-19 scariness.

Many brewers are looking forward to the fall, since that's when the famous Oktoberfest celebrations begin. I, personally, love the specialized brews that make their appearance in the chillier months, and Prost Brewing is already getting theirs ready.

In a new Facebook video, Prost Brewing teased their Marzen and says their countdown to Oktoberfest has officially begun. Marzen, for those not familiar, is a lager that would traditionally brew in the Spring and age (or 'lager') during the summer, and is now typically served at Oktoberfest celebrations, according to

Who's excited for Marzen? Prost Brewing says to keep an eye out, as this'll hit their bars fairly soon.

The Marzen is back! The countdown to Oktoberfest has begun.

Coming soon to a store near you...

Posted by Prost Brewing Company on Tuesday, July 21, 2020

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