Larimer County, over the past few months, has been doing great in their response to COVID-19. Compared to Weld, they have about a third of the cases— coming in at 1,112 compared to Weld's 3,257 at the publication of this article— however, the fight is far from over.

As cases re-surge in Colorado, Larimer County is obviously taking measures to ensure the safety of its residents. Bars continue to be closed, masks have been mandatory for months, and now, they're hiring more team members to help plan for another wave of cases in the area.

On the Larimer County website this morning, when looking at jobs open for their Health and Environment department, there are currently 7 positions open related to COVID-19. These include COVID-19 Department Specialist Temps, Medical Assistants, and a Senior Public Health Nurse. You can see the full listings here.

Want to help in the fight to end COVID-19? This might be a great place to start.

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