Colorado has no shortage of awesome local breweries, but after 15 amazing years, we're having to say goodbye to another great local Colorado favorite.

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Colorado Brewery Closes After 15 Years

We're pretty spoiled around Colorado when it comes to how many great local breweries we have around us. Especially in Northern Colorado. The blood, sweat, and tears that it takes to operate any successful local business can be a lot. When you're talking about what it takes to successfully run a local brewery and tap room, it can be even more. Sadly, sometimes it can be too much. Be it financially, the schedule, the stress, or even finding enough staff to keep the doors open as of late, it can all be extremely taxing. One local Colorado brewery, that's been in Colorado for 15 years, has decided to call it a day.

Rocky Mountain Brewery In Colorado Closing After 15 Years

After putting their brewery up for sale in the summer 0f 2022, and planning on staying in business as is until the spring of 2023, those plans have quickly changed as the building has been sold, without the business attached. Therefore, after 15 years, Colorado's "Rocky Mountain Brewery" will be closing its doors for good on Sunday, February 4th.

In a letter posted on their Facebook page, they said:

We have loved every laugh, conversation and moments shared with all of our customers. The community that has been created through RMB over the years is something we will cherish forever. It has truly been an honor that the community has allowed us to serve you all these years.

Here's the full letter...

As mentioned above, the future plans for the current space are unknown, or at least unwilling to be shared. They do confirm that it will not be another brewery so it'll be interesting to see what replaces this once-popular local Colorado brewery. Thanks for the memories.

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