Look, I had my own #GlowUp in my twenties (or maybe I'm still in the middle of it). I have a great job now, but back in the day, I made videos in college to try and turn myself into a *STAR*. I can't knock my old YouTube channel-- it's what got me this lovely gig on The Point-- but it did pop into my head today.

Today is #NationalSpaghettiDay. I truly believe that, before you live alone for the first time, you should know how to make at least one basic meal. Maybe that's pancakes, maybe it's risotto, or maybe, if you're me, it's spaghetti.

To this end, during election night of 2012, I thought it would be a good idea to finally teach the youth of America how to make spaghetti.

Look, it's an easy meal to make and everyone should know how to make it-- it's one of the pillars of independence.

Or maybe I just wanted to make fun of my past self a little bit by bringing this video out of the hole I'd once buried it in.

Either way, happy #NationalSpaghettiDay, from 20-year-old Scruggs.

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