In February of 2022, news broke of a new water park coming to Colorado in 2024. Now that we're almost to the year 2024, what's truly happening with this teased water park project?

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What's Happening With Colorado's New Water Park?

As someone who grew up in Colorado and has lived here my entire life, it's always fun to learn about new exciting things being planned for our state. I was extremely pumped up when news broke about a state-of-the-art water park called "Glacier Beach," which was slated to be open in 2024. From the description and the pictures that were shared, it looked absolutely incredible. Here's one of the posts about the water park from All About Colorado's Facebook page.

On the Glaciar Beach website, they promoted over 8 innovative attractions with the technology to return the tubes and carry them to the top of the rides so you'll never have to haul those puppies up yourself, which sounded really incredible. They were also promoting a Guinness World Record-Breaking water slide, said to be the longest dark water slide in the world. Possibly a 360-wave pool as well. What even is that?! Here's the thing though... It's August of 2023, over two years since their website came online, less than a year from their supposed opening date, and they still have yet to even announce a location. Did we all get fooled? Here's their original post from Feb of '22...

Is Glaciar Beach Water Park In Colorado A Scam?

In February 2022, Glaciar Beach's tease announcement from above went viral. People all over Colorado were pumped at the potential of this innovative park, designed by "former Disney Imagineers." Since February 2022, the official Glacier Beach Facebook page has posted twice. Including their last post from July 21st of this year asking for investors in the project. Umm, investors for a project slated to open in less than a year?

I'm not saying it's a total fabrication, but all signs are starting to point to just that. It's too bad because it really was a spectacular concept that got thousands of people around Colorado and beyond extremely excited. Could it just be taking longer than planned? Was it something that started out as a joke, then turned into a real dream? Possibly... only time will tell. Here's to hoping we haven't been lied to for the last two years, but I wouldn't get your bathing suits ready just yet... Meantime here are some of Colorado's real water parks that you can take advantage of right now.

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