I’ve lived in Fort Collins for 10 years now, and there’s nothing like strolling up and down College, popping into The Town Pump for a beer or hitting up one of my favorite local craft breweries on the weekend. However, every now and then, we need a little adventure in our lives, and Denver is only an hour away. 

I’ve been seeing photos from friends from an artsy block in downtown Denver, specifically in the LoDo area that I’ve been dying to check out for myself. It’s called The Dairy Block. 

According to the area’s official website, The Dairy Block was originally the spot of Windsor Dairy, “a company brought to prominence by H. Brown Cannon”. Cannon ended up having a huge amount of prominence in the Denver community, but now, this block serves the community for something much different. 

Like Old Town Fort Collins, The Dairy Block in Denver is home to several great shops and eateries but not only that, it gives local artists a chance to display their work to the general public. Every artist whose work is featured on The Dairy Block has a specific connection or reverence to the Denver Community, so this is as local as it gets. 

The Dairy Block also features weekly events to keep patrons excited: one of the events that caught my eye, specifically, was Drag Queen Bingo Brunch in the Alley. Drink mimosas, eat a delicious brunch, and experience a performance unlike anything you’ve seen before. 

The Dairy Block is a great escape from Fort Collins if you need one this weekend, offering local food, entertainment, and your favorite craft spirits. Of course, if you get homesick, the Choice City is only an hour away, and your hometown will be waiting for you. 

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