Maybe they just want to get one more swim in before winter strikes, but then again, cats aren't the biggest fans of water. So maybe that's probably not it, but it was worth a shot. This is pretty scary: multiple mountain lions have been spotted around a neighborhood pool around Golden and Lakewood.

Creepy right? The fact that mountain lions, who are typically recluses, for the most part, are now roaming around neighborhoods is pretty alarming. But the fact is, with all of the growth that has been experienced all throughout the Front Range over the years, we're expanding more and more into their territory and this can be the result.

They're like "wait a second, we were here first". I mean, mountain lions don't talk, I'm just paraphrasing. But I think if they could talk, that's probably what they'd be saying.

So, with all of that being said, let's brush up on our mountain lion knowledge and what to do if you spot one:

  • Make yourself bigger and be loud
  • Don't turn your back on the mountain lion
  • Keep eye contact

Throw something at it, like a rock, big stick, your best friend (KIDDING). But here's the thing, you need to do your best to not turn around and take your eyes off the animal.

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