A seemingly high number of dogs have been attacked in the area of Boulder County's town of Nederland since November 1. The attacks are believed to have been done by mountain lions according to KDVR.


On December 27, a homeowner shot and killed a mountain lion protecting a dog in the area. Since then, there have been no new attacks on dogs from mountain lions in the Nederland area.

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Mountain liions are very smart animals and once they have learned they can get an easy food source, like pets, they'll continue to come back to that food source.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesperson, Joey Livingston, told KDVR. Colorado Parks and Wildlife also say that the recent number of reports on attacks on pets is unusually high.

Residents in the area started to track sightings, attacks, and the killings of the dogs online while plotting them on a map. Colorado Parks and Wildlife are suggesting that owners should keep their pets on a leash and make loud noises during the hours of dawn and dusk as mountain lions are the most active at these times.

Source: KDVR 

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