What would you do if you learned there was a mountain lion on your property? Finding a brave dog pack was the answer for one rancher in Idaho.

Here's the backstory for this wildlife encounter that happened recently in Leadore, Idaho according to the status on the video share on Rumble:

Hounds baying a mountain lion under a bridge. The landowner wanted the mountain lion out of his property.

That is one unhappy putty tat.

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Most mountain lions are solitary creatures that don't like being where people are. The National Park Service mentions that they normally travel alone except during mating season. If you run into one of these predators in the wild, they recommend that you don't approach the animal or run. It's also important to NOT crouch down otherwise you could appear like a four-legged animal that they would view as prey. Mountain lion attacks on humans are rare, but the NPS does say to fight back if attacked.

In the case of this big cat that was holed up under the bridge, hopefully the dogs allowed it an escape route as you don't want one of these mountain lions to feel like it's cornered. That would likely not end well for several of the dogs.

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