Most of us don't splurge on a daily basis when it comes to going out to dinner. Sometimes it is for anniversaries, birthdays or other celebrations. One of those days is almost always Valentine's day. That day where you both dress up and look at each other and say "OOOH, you fancy!" and go out somewhere nice for a night out.

If you are having a creative block when it comes to a place to take the love of your live to dinner on Valentine's day, I've got you covered with the most expensive restaurants in Northern Colorado.


One thing seems to be certain, the most expensive dishes seem to be focused on lamb and beef cuts (excluding market price seafood) as all of the most expensive dishes feature these types of meat.




Fort Collins 

Sonny Lubick Steakhouse located at  115 S College Ave

Their most expensive entree is a Colorado Rack of Lamb coming in at $44


4th Street Chophouse located at 125 E 4th St

The most expensive entree is their Cowboy Cut Ribeye priced at $44.95


Chimney Park located at 406 Main St

The most expensive entree in Northern Colorado is at Chimney Park located in the town of Windsor. At $48 you can enjoy a nice rack of Colorado Lamb.


Greeley Chophouse located at 804 4th St

The largest entree on the list with a massive 22 oz. Ribeye from Aspen Ridge for the price of $44.95


Sugarbeet located at 101 Pratt St

Their Grilled Natural Ribeye closes out the list of the most expensive restaurants in Northern Colorado at lowest price of all of the places at $36 for the entree.


There you go! If you really want to treat yourself this Valentine's day, you can go big for dinner... Then go home!






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