Another holiday and another excuse to eat ungodly amounts of candy.

It's almost Valentine's Day! While some are looking forward to giving love and receiving love, I am going all in on the food and sweets. It's not often that we get a really good excuse to chow down on carbs and suck down sweets like it's our job. And it's all in the name of L O V E?

Yes, please.

That being said, lots of candy will be exchanged and consumed on this day of love. According to, we are expected to spend over $1.8 billion this year. The sweet site compiled data from their sales over the last 11 years and were able to determine which candies were most popular in each state. Although chocolate dominated the ranks, there were some other sugar morsels in the mix.

Colorado is reaching for the Conversation Hearts.

Or, what's left of them. Conversation Hearts are in short supply this year, at least from the original maker, NECCO. Other brands have their own versions of these text treats. A classic "heart shaped box of chocolates" and M&M's rounded out the top three candies for Colorado.


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