Being single on Valentine's Day isn't always easy, but Hooters is here to help. Aw, that's nice. 

Not only can you feel the emotional catharsis of ripping up a pic of your ex, you're gonna get rewarded with free wings (While surrounded by women, should I add?) during the annual #ShredYourEx event.

According to Hooters, last year, over 40,000 exes were shredded on Valentine's Day.

Hooters is inviting both heartbreakers and the heartbroken to enjoy some comfort food this Valentine’s Day by burning, burying, ripping or shredding a picture of their ex to earn 10 free boneless wings with the purchase of 10 wings. -Hooters 

Don't have a physical photo of your ex? Yeah, me neither, because it's 2019 and we weren't like, print-off-pictures-of-each-other in love. No prob, Hooters knows this. You can 'virtually' shred your ex, too.

Hoo knew a sexy wing joint could be so understanding? If your ex left you spicier than a signature sauce hot wing, you can shred them here or at Hooters of Loveland.

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