Couples: Here's where you want to dine on Valentine's Day. Singles: Avoid these places at all costs.

When it comes to a romantic dinner, these places rank highest on Yelp. While it may be a little late in the game to get into one of these restaurants this year without reservations, it's good to know to avoid these places on Valentine's Day, if you didn't make plans. I hear Taco Bell always has a table open.

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1) Social

No surprise here. It's fancy, it's underground and really dark. There's nothing not sexy about Social, but it's hard to get into. Backup plan: Stay home and make drinks with the lights off.

2) Restaurant 415

Also not surprised by this one, they have great drinks and great pizza. Backup plan: Restaurant 416. We don't know where it is but we heard it's just a little better. Good luck.

3) Cafe Vino

A romantic date over wine, cheese and charcuterie. Backup plan: Couch + bottle of wine + cheese. Most single girls will agree it's not that bad.

The cheese fondue
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4) The Melting Pot

The Melting Pot gets filled with reservations on Valentine's Day, because fondue is a must-do date. Cheese won't be the only thing heating up. Backup plan: Fon-don't break the bank, just get a pack of Velveeta and pretzels at 7-Eleven. She won't even notice the difference probably.

5) Blue Agave Grill

The art museum, the string lights and the margs; Yeah, it's a romantic setting, if you can get a table. Backup plan: I already said it but I guess I'll say it again: Taco Bell.

You're welcome.

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