Well, THIS is something you don't see or hear about everyday. A moose was roaming around Vail recently, which isn't really out of the ordinary itself. BUT, here comes the weird part: it got lost and pretty much stuck in a parking garage.

According to 9 News and Colorado Parks and Wildlife, a bull moose was noticed (hard NOT to) in the Lionshead Village parking garage the other day.

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The moose, like many humans, have found Vail to be lovely this time of year and have been spotted roaming the streets in and around the town over the past week, including close to where it got stuck.

Moose tend to like salt, and the residual salts that have been around on the streets and sidewalks from all of the snow plows has been pretty appetizing to the moose. That eventually got it in the bind.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers were able to tranquilize the, what they believe to be, 2-3 year old, 750-pound animal safely.

Seriously though, these men and women at CPW are pretty awesome at what they do.

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Once tranquilized, the moose was moved to a remote area outside of Craig into an appropriate moose habitat.

Vail Fire, Vail Police and crews from Vail Public Works assisted with the relocation.

Just a friendly reminder, if you ever see a moose out and about on an adventure, be extremely cautious. These animals are HUGE and, despite their slow movements, can pick up some speed and be extremely dangerous when angered.

If you see a moose:

1. Remain calm and speak calmly

2. Don't scream or throw things at the moose

3. Give the moose at least 50 feet of space

For more moose safety tips, click HERE.


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