There's a new era in Colorado in regard to the Denver Broncos. We got our guy, Head Coach Sean Payton. He was introduced to Broncos Country today, what did he say?

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Meet Sean Payton, The Denver Broncos New Head Coach

When the most recent Head coach of the Denver Broncos, Nathaniel Hackett, was let go by the Broncos in December, the rumbling began about who could possibly be brought in to right this ship after 6 losing seasons in a row. One name that came up almost immediately, was former New Orleans Saints Head Coach, Sean Payton.

While his name was rumored as someone of interest to the Broncos' top brass, this interview process was so tight-lipped that most sports media started to make up stuff and assume things just to be able to say anything. At one point, it was made "clear" that Sean Payton wasn't our guy. That report though was as clear as mud as we in fact did land, in my opinion as a lifelong Broncos fanatic, the absolute best man for the job.

Denver Broncos Hire Sean Payton As Head Coach

While unofficially announced earlier in the week, the Denver Broncos officially announced Sean Payton as their new Head Coach on Friday, February 3rd.

Coach Payton quickly had this brief message for Broncos Country.

Coach Payton was introduced to Broncos Country at a Press Conference today, Monday, February 6th. He was asked many questions and spoke from the heart on many subjects, including who he wanted to win the Super Bowl this Sunday, to which he answered perfectly:

"I'm picking the Eagles. We never want anyone in our division to win anything."

The days of coaches dancing around the hatred between division rivals are gone, and Coach Payton is here to reclaim our throne in the AFC West. We have the team, and now the true leadership to do so. I watched the introductory video below with a grin ear to ear the entire time. I can not wait to get back to football season in Denver

Denver Broncos Introductory Press Conference For Sean Payton

It's hard to watch that and not be impressed and excited. His leadership style is exactly what the Denver Broncos need, and I cannot believe we got our guy. Go Broncos

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