The women competing (yes, competing) for Nick Viall's heart on season 21 of The Bachelor have been announced - it's time to meet the women from Colorado!

The nonexistent women from Colorado, that is.

For as long as I remember, there's always been at least one contestant representing our state on the show - most notably Ryan Sutter, Ben Higgins, and Windsor's very own Jordan Branch. But this season, zero women are representing Colorado on The Bachelor.

There was a Bachelor casting call in Denver on June 30 (remember when I auditioned?), where a bunch of beautiful women *ahem* were hoping to win the heart of Luke Pell or Chase McNary, who we all assumed would become the next Bachelor. However, NZK Productions threw us a curve ball and chose 2-time runner-up slash one of my favorite villains Nick Viall instead. (I'm not too disappointed because everyone knows he's trouble, therefore entertaining.)

As happy as I am that I didn't get chosen (I wouldn't have met my incredibly kickass, sweet, and caring boyfriend, Aaron, had I gone on the show), I still can't help but feel even happier that zero women from Colorado were chosen because MAN, I was ready to judge so hard. I guess I'm obviously still judging though, because I'm realizing that not only was I at least 20 pounds heavier than all these women but I'm also blonde and all but about 5 are brunette.

Anywho...(Side note, I've lost almost all those 20 pounds but it doesn't matter at this point.)

I'm still really excited to watch this season because *DRAMA* and also I grew up watching the show, so I feel obligated to keep the tradition alive. Also, there could possibly be some women that live in Colorado, but their short bios on E!'s website don't say anyone is from Colorado.

What do you think of the women? (Please don't judge as hard as I am - I'm being petty. Seriously.) Will you be watching season 21 of The Bachelor? Comment or email me with your thoughts!


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