A lot of people are telling me that when I audition for The Bachelor, I need to play the villain.

First of all, no. That's SO not me! Second of all, while I personally think I have a "sparkling" personality like Tierra LiCausi (well, a different kind of sparkle), I just don't think I can live with being the biotch of the house.

That doesn't mean I enjoy watching the drama play out, though!

I've sifted through People Magazine and E! News' lists of the best Bachelor and Bachelorette villains to compile a list of my very own. Aside from Chad "Chad Bear" Johnson and his lunch meat, here are my personal favorites from past (and current) seasons.

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    Michelle Money


    Michelle Money became the most-hated girl on Brad Womack's second season (yes, second) of The Bachelor due to her "constant scheming, pushiness, and aggressive behavior" (People couldn't have said it any better). I'll be honest, though - she needed to be that way! Watching that season, I cringed at some of the girls because emotionally, I could tell they were NOT ready to get married. They had a lot of growing up to do, and I always felt like Brad Womack needed someone who wasn't afraid to push him around a little and slap him into place. Michelle could TOTALLY have done that, and that's why I loved her. Of course, once she appeared on Bachelor Pad and Bachelor In Paradise, the rest of the country finally realized just how fierce she really was (and is).

    During the show, there were also rumors that she was a gold-digger, she was "there for the wrong reasons" (a.k.a. she wanted to further her career), and that she had an affair with NBA player Carlos Boozer.

    DISCLAIMER: If other girls seem "weak," that does not give anyone permission to put them down. You can't please everyone, though! Those girls were super annoying. Thanks for the entertainment, Michelle.

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    Tierra LaCausi



    Tierra LiCausi is probably best known as the girl who "couldn't control her eyebrow" in Sean Lowe's season of The Bachelor. She couldn't get along with any of the girls in the house, and she'd do anything to pull Sean's focus away from them and onto her.

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    Nick Viall


    Probably the smoothest operator of all contestants, Nick Viall stole the heart of not one, but 2 Bachelorettes.

    We first saw the manipulative hunk on Andi Dorfman's season, where he became one of the final 2 contestants. However, his proposal was turned away and he was not given the final rose. On After the Final Rose, Nick quite bluntly spilled the beans on what happened in the Fantasy Suite (see video below), pissing off all women in America.

    But we quickly forgot how sleazy he was and producers welcomed him back for more drama on Kaitlyn Bristowe's season. (He showed up at one of her group dates and asked her if he could join the show.) Again, he became one of the final 2 contestants...only to lose to Kaitlyn's love of her life, the equally competitive Shawn Booth.

    As geeky as my mom thinks he is, though, I wouldn't mind seeing more Nick Viall on one of the Bachelor franchise's shows. (He's kinda cute...and VERY entertaining!)

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    JJ Lane


    Single dad JJ was a total d*bag on Kaitlyn Bristowe's season, telling Amy Schumer during a group date stand-up challenge, "Sometimes, I feel like I'm too smart for, like, 90% of the audience," to which Amy replied, "He's just missing like, charisma and humility and, like, a sense of humor." LOL...touche!

    He redeemed himself on Bachelor In Paradise when he left because he realized he left a good thing behind in Colorado - plus, he was so fed up with all the bull crap drama going on in the house (err...island hut?).

    Except now he's bragging to the New York Post that his reputation "gets him laid." Ugh. Whatever, dude.

  • 5

    Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi


    Oh man, what a train wreck of a relationship Jake and Vienna's was.

    To me, it was pretty obvious that both Jake and Vienna were "there for the wrong reasons," which is what made them SUCH a great match. It was only a matter of time that these 2 very strong but equally fame-hungry personalities eventually collided - I mean, exploded.

    Both Jake and Vienna went on to compete for money on Bachelor Pad (yep, that was awkward) and the drama picked right up where it left off.

  • 6

    Kelsey Poe


    You definitely remember her, because her story is "amazing."

    It almost seemed as though Kelsey Poe went on farmer Chris Soules' season not to find love, but to talk about her dead ex-husband, Sanderson Poe. While death is tragic in any case, no one wants to hear about it (except it did make that season super entertaining...and that's why she was on the show).

    Though she was sweet and innocent-looking, Ms. Poe also went so far as to fake a panic attack to avoid elimination, which definitely rubbed all the girls in the house the wrong way.

  • ???

    Mollie Kendrick?

    I dunno, do I seem like a bitch? Lol.