The son of the Prince of Darkness isn't afraid of darkness. Or ghosts. Or cameras. His show Portals to Hell on the Travel Channel takes you along for the ride on his paranormal explorations. 

It's no episode of The Osbournes this time around for Jack Osbourne, as his reality show, now in its second season, ins't a look into his home, but rather other homes that are, you know, supposedly haunted.

The Denver Post's The Know recently revealed that the May 21 episode will feature the 130-year-old Croke-Patterson Mansion in Denver, which even sounds creepy (you can read more about it here).

History Colorado says that the 1890 mansion was owned by Thomas B. Croke, a plant breeder and state senator, until Thomas M. Patterson bought it two years later. That's not spooky. What is spooky are the crying ghost babies and exorcisms and dead dogs.

For those of us who aren't scared to watch paranormal investigations while quarantining alone in our 100-year-old probably-haunted homes (hi, me), the show airs on the Travel Channel on Thursdays; mom and dad are watching, too.

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