As if these families involved in the Marshall Fire haven't been through enough, now the HOA is here to collect their money for their dues. Wow.

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HOA Fees Due For Marshall Fire Victims

Imagine the feeling of losing everything you've ever had in the blink of an eye. Your entire home, full of memories, collectibles, priceless family items, is all just gone. That's the reality thousands of people had to go through after the Marshall Fire on December 30th in Louisville and Superior, Colorado. Now as they try and pick up the pieces of their shattered lives after losing their homes, some families are already getting HOA bills.

Our friends at 9News are reporting that homeowners in the Coal Creek Ranch neighborhood in Louisville are still on the hook for their HOA fees. The Coal Creek Ranch area, like most "newer" neighborhoods, is a part of a homeowners association that covers getting your trash picked up, a clubhouse with a pool, and other various items. While most homes burned down, the clubhouse and pool survived so the Coal Creek HOA is still collecting its dues for a clubhouse that one-third of its community's families, without homes, currently will clearly not be using.

9News posted this quote from an email they received from the board president of the Coal Creek HOA, Earl Hauserman:

"Unfortunately, the bylaws require us to charge dues and believe me we have looked at any way not to. We are so concerned about this that we have started to raise money to support the families involved and after only a few days we have raised $12,000."

While raising money for the victims is a nice gesture, it all seems to get overshadowed if you're charging them for a facility they will obviously not be using while their homes are currently a pile of ashes where their priceless memories lay. We all get rules, but we also get extreme situations. Acts of God. Perfect time to show some humility and do the right thing. There is currently a petition to have Mr. Hauserman and another board member removed from the community's HOA.

Source: 9News

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