When we think of someone being shot in the head, we think of them being a goner. Well, shame on us for stereotyping; because one man has proven that even those inflicted with a bullet in the cranium can live full lives.

William Lawlis Pace passed away April 23rd at age 103, 95 years after his brother accidentally shot him in the head with their father's rifle in 1917.  Since 2006, Pace has held the Guinness World Record for "longest time to live with a bullet in the head."

Pace's son, Theron, said his father never had any pain or loss of consciousness due to the bullet, according to MSNBC.  Doctors feared Pace wouldn't survive surgery to remove the bullet, so it was just left in!

“His parents did a great job of not letting it affect his life,” (Theron) Pace said a few years before his father's death. “He even played sports; he was a catcher in baseball. If you saw him now, you think maybe he had a stroke. His mouth was pulled to one side and he had poor use of his right eye.”

Pace died in his sleep in a California nursing home, according to the Modesto Bee.

It's amazing how resilient human beings are!

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