There are way too many tattoos floating around with grammatical errors, unintended meanings, and other embarrassing errors. While this particular incident is funny, it's definitely cringe-worthy.

Don Price, a tattoo artist in England, told the Plymouth Herald about a man he knew who had his girlfriend's name tattooed on the back of his neck. But his Thai girlfriend wasn't so sure that's what the tattoo said.

Price took the man to a Chinese friend of theirs to ask what the tattoo said. When the woman saw it, she asked, "Why have you got a tattoo of Windows 7 on your neck?"

Price said they couldn't stop laughing.

"I think it was probably a case of one of these holiday tattoo places making a quick buck out of the tourists," says Price. "The tattoo artist wouldn't have known how to spell his girlfriend's name in Chinese so probably just googled it or something!"

I personally have a tattoo that says something in German, and I'm not 100% sure it actually says what it says. A couple German guys I met in college told me they had never even seen one of the words. Before I got the tattoo, I had researched it heavily and knew proper grammar. I'm kind of regretting getting that tattoo because I feel very self-conscious every time someone asks what it says - I always cross my fingers that they don't know how to read German!

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