Doing what I usually do during the day, I am scrolling through Facebook when a post catches me off guard. I see a tattoo artist post a pic of their newly inked piece on a person... It's a cool tattoo, but there is a problem with it. The tattoo has a compass, an island and the words that say "Not all who wonder are lost".

Boris Katsman

The words stood out to me and not in a good way. Why? Because the phrase is "Not all who WANDER are lost"! Anyone who has a tattoo and even those who don't, know that ink is permanent.  By permanent, I mean it's not coming off without numerous rounds of laser removal.

I have to ask the question, whose fault is this for the big mess up? Is it the person getting the tattoo who is to blame or is it the artist applying the ink for not checking that the right word is being used? We want to know what you think:

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