I decided to take a break from my hunt for Hatchimals tonight and get my nose pierced - because why not?

I've always wanted to  get my nose pierced, but as a teenager my parents wouldn't allow it. Though, they allowed me to get my belly button pierced and I still don't understand to this day why that's any less taboo. (But I digress.) I'm not sure what took me so long to get my nose pierced on my own (the nostril - I already had my septum pierced), but lately I've been thinking this: I'm an adult and I'm allowed to make adult choices with my body, so why not just go for it? (And what's stopping me, anyway?)

The same goes for eating right, exercising, and doing just about anything else that you've ever wanted to do but haven't. Maybe you've always wanted to take a belly dancing class - I'll stop you here, YOU TAKE THAT BELLY DANCING CLASS. Because...why not? You have nothing to lose but your inhibitions, fears, society's expectations, and/or maybe a dollar or two (or hundreds if you decide to go paragliding).

And...if something's keeping you from being you, run far away and never go back.

Here's my experience at Covenant Tattoo in Fort Collins - Shane got real close and personal with that Q-Tip.

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