This ink 'ode to' the NFL player doesn't leave much to the imagination, but what's more alarming than this Packer's package is the blatant homophobia surrounding it.

According to The Huffington Post, Denver-based Think Tank Tattoo artist Alisha Rice posted an Instagram of her work on Friday, with hashtags like #instagay #gayjock #pinupguy and #lgbtpride.

Now, what I would expect is a bunch of anti-Green Bay comments (you know how football fans are), but unfortunately, this took a different direction, awakening a bunch of online trolls, who, of course, left series of homophobic comments.

People, it's 2017. Here's a friendly reminder to stop using 'that's gay' as an insult. You can find other words, I just know it!

Rice told The Huffington Post that the tattoo was for a client who is a Packers fan, 'wanting a traditional American style male pinup.' I would say they definitely got the whole package; both she and the client are pleased with the outcome, and Rice essentially told commenters to shove it. 

I checked out Rodgers' Twitter for any kind of response to the tattoo, and didn't find anything, but I did see that he retweeted Harry Styles, so I can't help but think he's a sensitive guy who would appreciate the gesture.

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