Pete hates geese.

He hates geese so much that he'll run across an icy Fossil Creek Park pond to chase after them. What Pete and his owner weren't planning on, however, is him falling through that ice and splashing into a scary situation.

On Monday at around 12:31 p.m., Pete fell through the ice about 60 feet from the pond's shore in southeast Fort Collins after chasing those darn geese. A bystander (his guardian angel) called 911 while - much to Poudre Fire Authority's delight - his owner didn't attempt to rescue him (again, this was a good thing to leave it to the pros).

A firefighter, who got into protective ice-rescue gear on the ride over, made his way across the ice to where Pete was struggling to pull himself out of the water. He was lifted up out of the pond and they both made their way back to Pete's owner.

Poudre Fire Authority says not all stories have a happy ending like Pete's. Via their Facebook page (where they told Pete's story), they'd like to remind us all that if we find ourselves in a similar situation, always call 911 and be ready to provide detailed information about where your pet or human friend fell in the water and at what time. They also say you should never attempt to rescue your dog yourself.

Poudre Fire Authority via Facebook
Poudre Fire Authority via Facebook

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