The St. Baldrick’s Foundation has been around for 15 years. It’s surprising that it hasn’t taken off as much as you think it would. After all, it raises funds in the fight against childhood cancers. Loveland’s fourth event will take place this Saturday- you can get involved and help get their donations up!

St. Baldrick's Head Shaving Fundraiser for Childhood Cancer Research
Thos Robinson, Getty Images

Nobody likes the idea of any child suffering. We do all that we can to protect our kids, but cancer is not something you can prevent. Unless, we cure cancer. That’s where great events such as St. Baldrick’s are so important.

Since 2012, Loveland’s St. Baldrick’s fundraising event, where folks volunteer to get their heads shaved while raising money along the way, has raised a total of just over $38,000; roughly $10,000 per year. This year, it looks like unless some serious fundraising kicks in, they’re going to come up very short of their $15,000 goal.

Nationally, St. Baldrick’s the second largest fundraiser for fighting childhood cancer; number one is the actual federal government. St. Baldrick’s has raised over $154M towards childhood cancer research grants since establishing its foundation in 2005.

On Saturday March 21, folks will be gathered at Thompson School District Headquarters in Loveland to ‘do the shave’. Team members throughout the community are busy collecting donations to meet their goal for Saturday, why not donate and help out?

Here’s a great video about St. Baldrick’s:

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