Adopting a child has always been something that my wife and I thought about. After trying for a while to have one of our own and thinking that it might just not be in the cards for us, we had our beautiful son and he has been a blessing for us in so many ways.

While we have our son now, we still often talk about adopting a child in need to give them something that every child should have: a loving home with people that truly care about them.

Adopting a child is kind of scary because of the unknown. Am I good enough? Will we be good enough for this child? Will this child be happy with us?

Adopting is certainly something you shouldn't just jump into and do. In fact, it's flat out not for everyone and that's okay. With that being said, we have an abundance of kids here in Colorado that are simply looking for a chance. A chance to be loved and given a loving home with an opportunity to thrive and succeed.

Typically, kids around 5 or 6 and under are usually the quickest to be adopted, and once a child gets past that age, it gets harder and harder for them to get adopted.

I understand that you aren't going to drop everything and just start thinking about adopting a kid, that would be a bad decision for both you and the child. But if you have been seriously thinking about it or know someone that has been thinking about it, check out some of these awesome kids waiting for their forever loving home.

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