If you're a collector or Comic-Con fan, then you know all about when these big shows come through Colorado. Have you ever heard of RetroMania though? It's happening this weekend.

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RetroMania Collectibles Show In Colorado

Toys and collectibles aren't just for kids. Contrary to what you may be told, grown-ups can have fun too. If you like to shop, you're sure to be interested in the "RetroMania" event coming to Colorado this weekend. If you like toys, comics, games, awesome collectibles, new & old, and want to meet some awesome people we all watched on TV growing up, then RetroMania is for you as it runs wild through Colorado this weekend.

What Is RetroMania?

As seen in the "Toy Hunting" video above from a RetroMania event earlier in the year, it looks like an absolute blast. Toys, games, comics, and more from all decades. Stuff you'll probably not see anywhere else will be at this event in Colorado this weekend. You can also meet old-school stars like Sam J. Jones (Flash Gordon), Kenn Scott (Raphael in the original Ninja Turtles movies), "Bulk and Skull" from Power Rangers, and more.

If you want to get in on the RetroMania fun this weekend, it's going to be at the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds this Saturday, May 21st, and Sunday, May 22nd, in Aurora, Colorado. Tickets are $6 at the gate and $5 if you pre-purchase them. Some real cheap and easy entertainment for your weekend is all planned out for you now, you're welcome.

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