Colorado is full of foodies which is perfect because we have some really amazing restaurants. This particular chicken spot takes fried chicken to a whole other level.

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Popular Colorado Chicken Restaurant Heats Things Up

In my house, we eat a lot of chicken. Like, 6 out of 7 days a week, it's chicken. My wife's great grandma has this running joke where she always asks "What kind of chicken are you having tonight?" instead of asking what's for dinner. She just knows.

When you eat chicken so often, you're constantly looking for fun new ways to have it. Different ways to cook it, season it, serve it, just to appear like we're actually eating different things, even when we're not. This chicken restaurant in Denver has really stepped up the chicken game and serves it in ways we've never seen though about.

Lea Jane's Hot Chicken Restaurant

Lea Jane's Hot Chicken Restaurant at 3200 Pecos Street in Denver, is changing the game as far as how they prepare and serve some of their now-famous chicken dishes. Like the fried chicken waffle bowl above, are you kidding me? I haven't had fried food on over a month but that picture makes me drop everything and run! I'd take the sore tummy to give that a go.

What about this giant fried chicken sandwich? I mean, damn.

I'm a huge Texas toast fan so this looks like a winner to me. They claim that this is the "hottest hot chicken in the city" and I think it's worth testing it out for ourselves, wow.

Look at these fried chicken smother fries! OMG, I'm staving now.

Seriously about to lose "cone-trol" over here... It all just looks so delicious! Hit their Facebook page for more and get Lea Jane's on your "must try" list next time you're down in Denver. Speaking of delicious food and restaurants...

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