On Tuesday,  the Larimer County Commissioners voted to add additional fire restrictions on open fires, contained open fires and banned the sale and use of fireworks for unincorporated areas of Larimer County through September 30, 2012.

According to Larimer County, Tuesday’s decision was based on a recommendation from Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith and Fire Chiefs from area fire agencies. The Sheriff’s Office along with the Board of County Commissioners will continue to closely monitor potential fire danger.


Open fires shall mean: any open burning, including camp and cooking fires; or welding, or operating an acetylene or other torch with open flame.

Open fires shall not include:

  • Fires in camp stoves or grills, fueled by bottled gas or pressurized liquid, and specifically designed for cooking or heating purposes.
  • Fires in commercially operated wood and/or charcoal fired grills designed for cooking.
  • Smoking within an enclosed vehicle or building, a developed recreation site, or while stopped in an area at least three feet in diameter that is barren or cleared of all flammable material. Smoking within an enclosed vehicle shall mean that the cigarette, cigar or other smoking instrument is at all times contained within the vehicle and is not allowed to leave the vehicle or protrude or be held outside the vehicle, including the window of the vehicle. Butts and stubs must be disposed of within a trash receptacle or within the vehicle.

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