Look, flying sucks. I'll just say it. There are long lines at pretty much every stage of the airport and nothing is close to the food. It's a nightmare.

Today is the busiest travel day of the year, and we want to make it as stress-free as humanly possible. Here are a few tips for keeping your day easy and breezy, so that when you see your family for Thanksgiving, everyone's in good spirits.

1. Keep your headphones in.

Look, let's be real. A lot of us do not see an airplane as a social mixer. A lot of us want to get in, sit down, and do our own thing. There's always that person on the plane that wants to describe, in length, their entire family history to you-- I once sat next to a dad that was bragging about how he was going to buy his son a Mercedes for Christmas, barf-- so how do you avoid them?

Pop those earphones in. You don't even have to be listening to music, and you can still smile and nod at the attendants helping you to your seat, but it sends a nonverbal message that you want to keep to yourself during the flight.

2. Have a killer playlist ready.

You might get into a situation where you need your favorite songs to bring your mood up from the depths of airport hell. Have your favorite songs on-hand in a special plane playlist so that you're ready to jam the moment you realize all of your luggage is in Nantucket.

Might we recommend:

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3. Have snacks on you.

I always get burned by the airplane crew-- no offense, flight attendants, you're always very helpful-- but I'm always surprised by snacks all of a sudden costing $5 and my favorite soda suddenly being on the 'special' menu. Make sure you've got something simple in your carry-on: pretzels, Cheetos, whatever-- just in case.

4. Have backup entertainment ready.

If you're a music person, bring a book. If you're a book person, bring a playlist. Long flights coupled with stressful situations tend to get you burned out on one activity pretty fast, and you're going to want a backup just in case. Don't forget: most flights now have in-flight entertainment including new movies so long as you download the airline's app, but make sure your phone is all charged up if you're going to be watching a two-hour film so it doesn't die before the ending. Which brings us to our next point:

5. Bring along a portable phone charger.

If you don't have a portable phone charger yet, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? My little device has saved my life (and my phone's battery) in so many situations, and I consider it an invaluable asset to bring on a flight. A lot of times I'll get bored of my book and I'll need something new to pass the time-- like a movie-- but unless you want your phone dead by the time you leave the plane, you need a charger to keep the fun going. You can grab these on Amazon and at pretty much any airport.

Good luck on your flight today, and just remember-- the journey can be just as fun as the destination.

Safe travels!

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