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Justin Bieber Visits Los Angeles Prison

Justin Bieber’s RV was recently spotted outside the Los Angeles County California State Prison. A representative for the prison told TMZ that Bieber was there meeting with the pastor to support faith-based programs. (via TMZ)

What Actually Annoys Us About Our Co-Workers?

According to a new Zippa survey, some of the most common reasons we get annoyed with our co-workers include being too loud, gossiping, laziness, being a know-it-all, complaining and being constantly late. Other reasons include being messy, being distracting and over-sharing their personal life. (via Zippa)

$500K Donated in Alex Trebek’s Name to Combat Homelessness

Alex Trebek's wife made a $500,000 donation in the late icon's name to combat homelessness with the new Trebek Center in L.A. Construction for the new center will break ground on May 15, and the center should open by December. The center will provide social services, such as mental health guidance, job training and placement, and substance use counseling. (via TMZ)

Lizzo Gets Cozy With Mystery Man

Does Lizzo have a new beau? New pics show the pop star spotted getting cozy with a mystery man on a balcony in Malibu. See below:

New Food Trend Transforms Banana Into Bacon

For all you vegans out there who miss your bacon, we might have a solution for you. A new viral food trend reveals how to make "bacon" from banana peels! Would you eat banana bacon? (via Real Simple)

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