A judge has refused to lower the bail for a Loveland man who allegedly held two roofing salesmen at gunpoint earlier this summer.

The incident occurred on the evening of June 11, when 65-year-old Scott Gudmundsen mistook two roofing salesmen, one of whom is a Black Colorado State University football player, for Antifa members and held them at gunpoint.

He also reportedly knelt on the neck of the football player.

According to 9News, Gudmundsen is currently in the Larimer County Jail on a $50,000 bail, facing charges of felony menacing and false imprisonment.

On Thursday (August 6), Gudmundsen's attorney, Ryan Markus, tried to significantly reduce his bail to $200, citing his age, community ties, lack of criminal history, and reported mental health issues.

Markus also noted that Gudmundsen previously served as a law enforcement officer, and promised that he would no longer handle weapons if released.

However, Judge C. Michelle Brinegar refused Markus' request. Gudmundsen is scheduled to appear in court again on August 20.

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