The opponent is set, and your Denver Nuggets are finally ready to make their highly anticipated NBA Finals Debut. When and where will our beloved Nuggets be playing this week? Here's the full NBA Finals schedule.

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NBA Finals 2023 Schedule

After moving from the ABA to the NBA in 1976, the Denver Nuggets and its millions of fans in Colorado and around the globe have awaited this very moment. We've been to the Western Conference Finals multiple times before, but we just couldn't get over that hump. The last three trips had us running right into the Los Angeles Lakers, who knocked us out two of the last three Western Conference Finals appearances, but not this year.

The Denver Nuggets swept the hated LA Lakers in the Western Conference Finals this year four games to none to punch their ticket to the NBA Finals for the first time in franchise history. Sweeping the Lakers was a pretty sweet cherry on top for us die-hard lifelong Nuggets fans. We have to win four more games, and we finally know who we're playing.

Denver Nuggets vs. Miami Heat In the 2023 NBA Finals


After being up three games to none against the Boston Celtics, the Miami Heat let Boston come back to tie up the best-of-seven series at three wins a piece. Last night, the Heat closed out the series with a win in Boston and have now advanced as the East Coast team in this year's NBA Finals to take on our Denver Nuggets. As a Nuggets fan, we wanted the Heat, right?

First and foremost, with Boston, we would not have gotten a home-court advantage in the Finals, which has seemingly been a huge difference-maker this postseason. Denver has yet to lose on their home court. Second, if Boston won, they'd have become the first team to ever come back from being down three games to none and move on to the next round. That would have been a whole lot of momentum heading into a Finals matchup against a team that has been resting, or "cooling" down for almost two weeks.

Now, we get a worn-out and beat-up Miami team who just went the distance with Boston and now have to play in Denver 3 days later. Whatever it takes, right...? Below is the official schedule for the upcoming Denver Nuggets vs. Miami Heat NBA Finals games.

Denver Nuggets NBA Finals Schedule

  • Game 1: June 1st in Denver
  • Game 2: June 4th in Denver
  • Game 3: June 7th in Miami
  • Game 4: June 9th in Miami
  • Game 5: Juse 12th in Denver
  • Game 6: Juse 15th in Miami
  • Game 7: June 18th in Denver.

All of the games will be broadcast for free on ABC (Channel 7 in Colorado). Games 5-7 are if needed and I think the world would be shocked if this series went the full seven games. My prediction is that the Nuggets are the absolute best team in the NBA with unquestionably the very best player in the world, so... Nuggets in 5. Many of us fans have waited our entire lives for this moment, and that moment has finally arrived. Go Nuggets. Let's add to the list below...

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