Northern Coloradans are freaking out over this nationwide Hatchimals shortage.

I saw these cute new age Furby-Tamagotchi hybrid toys earlier this year at Target and thought, "These are so cute! I NEED ONE, but Christmas is a ways away..." I'm sure you probably had the same reaction when your kid(s) told you they wanted one, too. Summer is just too early to shop for Christmas presents IMO, and with Hatchimals being so new, we had no idea they'd blow up and become THE toy of Christmas 2016.

Now everyone is regretting not buying their kids Hatchimals in July.

These little critters are sold out everywhere. Seriously - I looked at Target, Toys R Us, Walmart, etc. online to find stores that had them in stock, and Hatchimals are nowhere to be found.

If you're desperate enough and okay with breaking the bank for your kids' happiness, you could turn to Amazon or eBay. Unfortunately you'll be dropping hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on Hatchimals if you go that route, however. For example, the 7 Hatchimals above are sold all together for a whopping $2,499.99 on eBay. (YIKES!!!)

So what's a parent to do? There are a couple options.

  • Wake up early for Black Friday, as shipments will likely come in just for that;
  • Wait until January 2017 to get your Hatchimals.

Seriously, the toy company is telling people these might not be available until early 2017. Obviously that's a HUGE let-down, but it's the reality we're facing in this crisis.

Here are my thoughts on the matter. 

If you have really little kids, there's always PAW Patrol Live!, which is coming to Denver for the holidays. That should make up for the lack of Hatchimals!

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