Our sister station in Michigan just put out a list of holiday gifts shaped like their state, because 'Nothing says Christmas in Michigan like a gift shaped like our iconic state!' So, here's a list of the same gifts, but shaped like Colorado! 

Also, I'm not sure if anyone is super stoked about Wyoming, but if you are, great news! This will work for you, too. 

5) State-Shaped Cutting Boards.


We see your $48 Michigan-shaped cutting board from Iconic Detroit, and we raise you this $6 four-pack of cutting boards from Target that are ALL shaped like Colorado (and dishwasher safe).


4) A Chair Shaped Like Your State

If you're from Michigan, you can get one of these cool $360 Adirondack chairs on Natural Crafting's Etsy.

Natural Crafting on Etsy

But, if you're from Colorado, you can swing by your local Walmart store and pick up one of these folding chairs for $33. Sit back and relax on that seat that looks JUST LIKE OUR GREAT STATE. What a steal.


3) State Ice Cube Trays 

How cute would it be to see your state floating around in your drink this holiday season? These ones are from madeinmichigan.com.


I went ahead and found the same ice cube trays at Bed Bath and Beyond, except they freeze your water into little rectangles just like Colorado. How cool!


2) Ceramic State Plates

We love these ceramic plates shaped like Michigan that you can get from Corbe!


We found the same plates at Pottery Barn for $35 in, you guessed it, the shape of COLORADO.


1) State-Shaped Soap

If you love your state so much you want to rub it all over your hands and body, then man, is state-shaped soap the way to go. Nature Mama Soap makes these Michigan soaps...

Nature Mama Soaps

...but if you're from Colorado, you'll be pleasantly surprised when you open up this eight-pack of soap from Walgreens to find all eight of the refreshing and deodorizing bars are shaped just like Colorado.