Gifts that will not only be hits Christmas morning, but that will also give back to charities in need. This year was one of the biggest years for online shopping, including myself. Some deals are too good to pass up and you don't have to stand in line for an hour just to buy that good deal. One of those deals, and one of the best websites I've shopped on, is the GreaterGood website. This website, not only has almost everything but every item you purchase goes to charities, including food and care packages for shelter dogs, helping veterans receive adequate meals, and research organizations for breast cancer, Alzheimer's, and autism. They even care for the environment with rainforest protection sites, helping literacy reach children, and helping to feed the hungry.

This was the best site that I shopped on Cyber Monday, but it was definitely hard to choose from their gigantic (and ultra adorable) inventory! I decided on a pair of cute sweater boots and when they came they were not what I expected. They were cute, comfy, fit perfect, and had snowflake imprints on the bottom of the shoe, so you could leave snowflakes in the snow. Their show sales go an extra mile as well, because you can choose to have a pair of shoes be sent to third world countries for someone in need of shoes (free of charge to you!). How awesome is that? You get a great product, help out a charity and give a pair of shoes to someone in need!

Check out their other sites for more amazing ways to help: Creative Kidstuff & Global Girlfriend

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