If you're from Colorado, you know certain things about our state that most out-of-town friends, family, or even strangers on the street wouldn't understand. Here are seven things most natives always find themselves explaining.

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7 Things Natives From Colorado Always Need To Explain To Visitors

It's amazing to me how many things we say, do, and know in Colorado that don't quite register the same with people who aren't originally from Colorado. Simple things that we're so used to, that even when we travel we confuse ourselves because of how living in the box state has us trained. We did some polls and found that these are seven things most people from Colorado always have to explain to our out-of-town compadres.

Directions In Colorado

1. The mountains always mean west. At least in the Northern Colorado and Denver areas. I can't even count how many times I've said "go towards the mountains" when explaining to someone out of town how to find something. That same theory has also gotten me way turned around in other cities where the mountains are in fact NOT towards the west.

Coors Field Is The GOAT Ballpark

2. You will never find a baseball stadium better than Coors Field and that's not even something we're willing to argue about. The team could use some help, but the beautiful baseball field the Colorado Rockies get to call home is the best in the league, hands down. Especially after 25 years.

Colorado Weather

3. "If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes and it'll change." Colorado is known for having 300 days of sunshine a year but that comes with multiple mood swings from mother nature. We can literally go from hot to cold, back to hot again in a matter of minutes. Snowing one hour, gorgeous the next. It's one of the reasons people like it here so much. I guess.

Casa Bonita

4. This might be different once it finally re-opens now that Matt Parker and Trey Stone have purchased this Colorado landmark, but Casa Bonita is great to visit, take pictures at, and experience. It however is not a place to go if you're hungry. Set those expectations low or you're set to leave disappointed. The cliff diving is a blast to watch, my kids love that and the little shows that they do. However, the food and the arcade have much room for improvement. Here's to hoping the South Park boys have listened to the decades of feedback and bring that place back to its glory days.

That Thin Colorado Air

5. They don't call Denver the "Mile High City" for nothing. While that term may have more than one meaning these days since Colorado "went green," but it is literally one mile above sea level and the altitude here will kick your butt if you're not used to it. So many tourists that come to Denver to ski, snowboard, or hike in our beautiful mountains, find themselves completely gassed and exhausted. That's altitude, baby. Welcome to Colorado.

Colorado Is The Green Chile King

6. Colorado has the BEST Green Chile. I'm always surprised how many places out east lack great Mexican food and don't even know what Green Chile is. Colorado's choices will spoil you, my friend so be prepared to freeze some and take it home with you.

Rocky Mountain Oysters

7. There's a town in Northern Colorado called Severance, whose town motto is "Where the Geese Fly and the Bulls Cry." They're known for their Rocky Mountain Oysters... I'll let you figure out why the bulls are crying so badly. I've been here my whole life and have zero desire to ever try this Colorado delicacy. No thanks.

There are many more things we could add to our list but those were the ones that we felt we explained more than most.

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