A townhome exploded in Westminster, Colorado, out of nowhere and it was all caught on a nearby surveillance camera.

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Video Of Townhouse In Westminster Exploding

What those walking around this neighborhood thought was just another normal day, ended up being one of the scariest moments in some people's lives, as a townhome in Westminster exploded out of nowhere. The was a nearby surveillance camera that caught the entire thing on video and it's even scarier than you'd even imagined it. (scroll down for video)

Our friends at 9News spoke with Jenny Eastman who lives at the Stratus Townhomes in Westminster and was in the video walking to her car as the explosion happened.

"It was just terrifying! The whole side of the building just blew; it was insane. All at once it was just, boom, and then no wall. You don't really think explosions like that happen in real life until you see it.

While the explosion was scary, especially in person, there were zero casualties, fortunately, and minimum injuries to just three people so the folks around the explosion got extremely lucky. 9News reports that 41 people from eight townhomes are out of their homes and several others in the complex, including Ms. Eastmans, were evacuated as a pre-caution but were able to return home shortly after.

"It was quiet, it was normal, and then utter chaos. It's still something I have trouble wrapping my head around without getting physically upset."

The video below shows right when the explosion happened. It all happened so fast, nobody quite knew how to react.

As of this writing, the cause of the explosion is still under investigation.

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