I love weird and random stuff. The weirder and the more random the better, and I think this definitely falls into both the weird and random categories.

I had no idea this thing, which by the way has a name - Isak Heartstone - even existed until I saw him pop up on social media. Now, it's on my bucket list to see it up close and personal and get a picture with it.

Isak stands, or sits, at 15 feet tall and is made entirely of wood. His hair is made up of twigs but this fella doesn't come without his fair share of controversy.

He used to sit in a neighborhood in Breckenridge but due to increased traffic and complaints coming from the locals at city council meetings, he was moved. Now that is something that would be interesting to see. Anyway, Isak was moved a little further into nature, where he likes it, and now it takes a short hike to visit and hang with this wooden wonder near Breckenridge.

Currently, Isak sits just south of downtown Breckenridge on a trail called the Trollisigen Trail which begins by Illinois Gulch.

It's a kid-friendly trail that is sure to intrigue and excite kids of all ages and is such a cool reward and pay off for such a short and easy hike.

I am so excited to bring my 6-year-old on this hike but the thing is, I don't know who's going to be more excited to see Isak, him or me? Probably me.

If you're looking to hang with Isak, here's how to get to the trailhead.

Ice arena at 189 Boreas Pass Road, Breckenridge. Trailhead in southeast corner of parking lot.

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