The Kruger Rock Fire in Estes Park Colorado started Tuesday morning, and as of this writing, is burning 133 acres and is only 15% contained. Investigators believe that powerlines are possibly to blame for the Colorado wildfire. While containing the fire is ongoing, a report (Update: it has now been confirmed) that a single-engine air tanker has crashed near the Kruger Rock Fire. FOX 31 in Denver confirmed that the Larimer County Sherrif's Office is currently investigating multiple reports regarding the air-tanker crash.

Below, Fox 31's Micheal Konopasek is live on location showing us the staging area where emergency crews are standing by ready to be dispatched to the plane crash site.

FOX 31 also confirmed that the air-tanker that is no longer showing up on the radar after taking off shortly after 6 pm Tuesday evening in the vicinity of the fire, was the only single-engine air-craft flying at the time of its disappearance.

As we mentioned here earlier, emergency crews have been battling the Kruger Rock Fire since approximately 6:30 am in the area of Little Valley. The Larimer County Sheriff's Office said that there are additional personal being called in to assist the already 150 people currently working on the fire and will continue to do so throughout the night to try and get it fully contained. Like we mentioned above, the fire is currently only 15% contained as of this writing. The Sherrif's Office will also continue to investigate the plane crash reports.

Local Estes Park Residents have been posting various images of the Kruger Rock Fire from their point, which you can see HERE.

Thank you as always, so much, to the brave men and women on-site helping put this Colorado Wildfire out. Hopefully, the cooler weather rolling into Colorado on Wednesday will help!

Unfortunately, Estes Park battled another very large fire just a year ago. Let's all hope that this doesn't end up getting as out of control.

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