Greeley's Centerplace is now home to a new sports bar, thanks to a Greeley man and his son.

According to the Greeley Tribune, longtime Greeley restaurateur Matt Larson and his son ,Alex, have opened The G.O.A.T. Sports Bar in Centerplace, Greeley.

“We both thought there was a need for a local sports bar in Greeley,” said Matt Larson, who also owns Kenny’s Steakhouse at 3502 W. 10th St. in Greeley. Larson's son, Alex, who grew up working in the family business, left Greeley for San Diego, where he spent about four years working in the hospitality industry.

While working out in San Diego, Alex worked at a sports bar called Barley Bash which fueled the inspiration for The G.O.A.T here in Greeley.

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The new sports bar and restaurant was designed for sports aficionados; it features a 360-degree bar top and patio seating, along with 36 televisions set up around the facility — with three outside.

The name of the bar is a play off of the popular sports lingo for The Greatest of All Time. Although, the facility’s menu gives some reference to the farm animal, too, with a goat burger featuring goat cheese.

The sports bar expects to hire college and high school students, as well as permanent staff members; Alex said the bar employs about 40 people, most of them part time.

While Matt’s focus will be on his other restaurant, Kenny’s, Alex will oversee G.O.A.T. To make it even more of a family affair, Alex’s younger brother, Andrew, is a manager at the sports bar.

You can visit the G.O.A.T Sports Bar now at 2514 46th Ave. in Greeley.

For more information about the new sports bar, check out their website here.

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