Add the classic, annual beer-lover's event to the list of things perpetually effected by COVID-19...that's right, according to a recent press release, it was announced that the Great American Beer Festival won't be in person in 2021 after all.

Concerts are coming back, live events are officially getting scheduled, but the GABF is keeping It extra-safe this year. They're committing to being fully back in-person in 2022 for their 40th anniversary on October 6-8 as concerns for in-person gatherings in 2021 still remain.

Usually the beer-lover's gathering hosts up to 60,000 people, but that's just a few thousand too many in this year of uncertainty.

Bob Pease, President and CEO of the Brewers Association, said in the release: 

While we will miss celebrating with beer lovers and our craft brewing community, we are excited to continue with the GABF competition and national passport program this year. We look forward to convening in person for the festival’s 40th anniversary in 2022.

That's right: the awards ceremony is still on-track to happen in 2021, which means some of your favorite brews will get awarded and brewers will be recognized for their efforts continuing to make excellent beer in this crazy year.

The national passport program, which you can participate in, will begin on September 17 through October 17 of this year. That means you'll have access to deals at breweries nationwide. Learn more about the passport and about the 2022 celebration right here.

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