First, a proud plug:  Seven-year-old Ashley Gundy will be selling Girl Scout cookies this coming Sunday from 5-6pm at the King Soopers on JFK Parkway.  Thanks for any support!

Secondly, thanks to some Colorado Girl Scouts, smoking in a vehicle while someone under 18 is on board is prohibited, in the town of Aurora.  Troop #60789 proposed this idea back in September, and later passed with a vote of 6-5.

This is now considered a "secondary offense," meaning you wouldn't get pulled over for smoking with a minor in the car; but, if you get pulled over for something else, you could be cited for that as well.

9 News says these young ladies were

trying to earn the Silver Award, which is given to middle school-aged Girl Scouts who work in small groups to develop an idea that benefits the community while demonstrating knowledge of sustainability.

Similar laws have already been enacted in Arkansas, California, Louisiana, Maine, Oregon, Utah, Vermont, and Virginia.  Colorado's (but only in Aurora) goes into effect next month.

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