This could mean the saving of hundreds of lives! State Representative Lori Saine from Firestone, backed by Senate Member, Vicki Marble from Ft. Collins, proposed the Saine-Marble law that was passed this week in a landslide of a vote 33-2. The state wide bill makes it that, if a child, elderly adult, dog, or cat's life is in danger by being locked in a car, anyone can break the window in the effort to save the life. These amazing women wanted to prevent those crucial, life threatening seconds being wasted by someone second guessing their decision due to being reprehended for breaking someone's car window, instead of saving a life.

The Saine-Marble bill lays out steps that are to be taken before a window is broken, of course. Steps like making sure the car is absolutely locked, trying to proactively getting a hold of the owner, as well as notifying authorities. But, if the life inside looks like they are in immediate danger, the window absolutely is allowed to be broken without any legal actions against the individual who actually breaks the window. This is such a much needed, life saving law and I, for one, am so proud of our leading legal ladies from Northern Colorado.

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