Happy Birthday to one of the best burgers on the market, the Burger King Whopper. How is the King of Burgers celebrating this monumental birthday? By rolling back the price to .37 cents for two days only.

In a time where we are constantly looking for ways to save money, the Burger King Whopper is here to throw a big party and save you some dough. Well, minus the actual party part. Calling it a "two-day birthday bash", the fast-food giant, Burger King, is celebrating their signature sandwich turning 64 today by hooking you up with .37 cent Whopper sandwiches all day today and tomorrow (12/3 - 12/4/21). All you have to do is download and use the special code in Burger King's mobile app.

Jim McLamore was the man behind this giant delicious burger creation for Burger King back in 1957, which was also the year my dad was born as well so '57 was obviously a year of creating legendary things. At the time it was the biggest burger of its kind in the fast-food biz. Even today, I don't think anyone has matched its size and tastiness. McDonald's has tried a few times over the years to create something similar but it's hard to beat the original. I've always said if you could have Burger Kings burgers, with McDonald's fries and chicken McNuggets, you'd have the perfect combo. Add in Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich and frosty's and OMG. "McWendy's King?" I'll keep working on the name...

Download the Burger King app and go celebrate the original Whopper sandwich today for less than a buck but please don't sing happy birthday with your mouth full. Oh, and don't forget the cheese.

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