A freight train derailed in Boulder on Tuesday afternoon, which resulted in emergency crews and hazardous materials teams being called to the scene, as well as road closures lasting late into the day. Several businesses located within 100 yards of the derailment were also asked to evacuate due to safety concerns.

Multiple rail cars came off the tracks just north of Arapahoe Avenue, between 55th Street and 63rd Street around 3 p.m. Materials were seen spilling out of some of the cars, but police informed the public that it was just plastic beads and do not believe these to be hazardous. Drivers are encouraged to take other routes as 55th Avenue is currently closed between Central and Arapahoe Avenue, 63rd is closed from Arapahoe to Valmont, and Stazio Drive is closed between Valmont and 63rd. The Boulder Police Department is keeping people updated on the situation via Twitter.

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