A train derailment in Wyoming toppled 26 train cars, 10 of which were damaged by fire and explosions from hazardous material.

On Saturday around 2:50 p.m., a train derailed near Baxter road just outside of Rock Springs, Wyoming. According to sweetwaternow.com, 26 train cars were carried off the tracks, with 10 of them being destroyed by fire or explosions from the ethanol and alcohol the train was carrying.

Sweetwater County Fire Department No. 1's Fire Chief, Scott Kitchner, said this to Sweetwaternow.com:
“People need to stay out of the area. We have 100-foot flames and have had multiple explosions. This is a very dangerous situation.”

Fire crews from the Sweetwater County Fire Department worked with 9 other agencies around the clock, finally putting out the fire and getting the situation under control at 3:30 a.m. Sunday morning. Two deputies were treated for second degree burns at a local hospital after they were too close to a unexpected explosion, according to sweetwaternow.com.

Union Pacific, the Wyoming Department of Transportation and the Federal Railroad Administration have all launched investigations into the cause of the crash.

Engineering teams from Union Pacific are working on repairing the tracks.

A driver on I-80 caught one of the massive explosions on video:

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