Fox delivered a slew of bad news to TV fans late Tuesday evening. (Well, at least bad new for fans of five of their shows.)

The network officially canceled five of its series, among them 'Lie to Me' (pictured) and 'Human Target.' Both 'Lie' and 'Target' - which lasted three and two seasons, respectively - averaged just 7.6 million viewers this season, according to

I find it kind of odd, that having only 7.6 million viewers is enough to yank a show off the air.  Think about it, 7.6 million people tuning in every week seems like a big number, but that's nothing in the TV world.  Crazy!

Meanwhile, Christian Slater can officially be called a "show killer," as Fox pulled the plug on his latest effort, the midseason comedy 'Breaking In.' Slater's previous series, 'My Own Worst Enemy' and 'The Forgotten,' suffered similar fates.

Rounding out tonight's cancellations were two other newbie shows: 'The Chicago Code,' from creator Shawn Ryan ('The Shield'), and the short-lived comedy 'Traffic Light.'

Meanwhile, Fox also announced that it is picking up four new series for next season. They are: 'Finder,' a spinoff of 'Bones' starring Geoff Stults; 'The New Girl,' starring Zooey Deschanel; 'Alcatraz,' from producer J.J. Abrams ('Lost'); and 'I Hate My Teenage Daughter,' starring Emmy winner Jaime Pressly ('My Name Is Earl').

And if that wasn't enough news for one night, Fox has officially renewed 'House' for an eighth season, according to USA Today.

I'm not too sad, seeing as I had never even seen 4 of the 5 canceled shows.  I had watched "Lie To Me" a few times, but let's just say I won't be missing it.


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