The Fort Collins City Council is considering additional smoking restrictions and they are looking for your feedback. On February 4, the City Council is meeting to discuss the possible expansion, and they are wanting to collect information via an anonymous survey that you can complete at

Possible Expansion to Smoking Restrictions

- Expanded Downtown area, including Old Town Square

- All City owned or operated facilities and their grounds

- All City parks, trails and natural areas

- Most City-approved events and festivals

Some of the Areas Smoking is Already Prohibited

- No smoking in any Fort Collins restaurant or bar

- No smoking on or within 20 feet of outdoor dining areas or patios abutting a public right-of-way or sidewalk

- No smoking  in any places of employment, except in locations in which the City Code expressly permits smoking

- No smoking in bowling alleys and bingo parlors

- The use of electronic smoking devices will be prohibited in all places where conventional smoking is not allowed

- 100% of hotel/motel rooms must be smoke-free. Please note: Hotels/motels may currently allow smoking in up to 25% of hotel/motel guest rooms; 100% smoke-free went into effective January 1, 2015

Some Places Smoking is Permitted

- Retail tobacco stores

- Private functions not open to the public

- Smoking cessation rooms or hospital smoking rooms